About Laura

Laura was a visionary.   She was the first nurse midwife in Vermont to assist in home birth deliveries and she brought many happy babies in to this world.  She was intelligent, warm, gentle, funny and extremely generous with her time, devoted to her patients and serving them with great compassion and love.

Laura lived from 1958-2009, the mother of two young children who had to face her mortality by way of Stage 4 breast cancer.  Her own illness inspired her to build the first center to promote the benefits of integrative health care in the Burlington area.

She lived a full life with many accomplishments including:

  • 1980 graduate from Yale University majoring in Asian Studies
  • Graduate of the Pace Nursing Program and Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky
  • Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Midwife
  • Practiced Midwifery in Vermont for over 21 years
  • Founded the Dhatri Foundation in 2005 (now called the Laura Mann Center for Integrative Health)
  • Certified yoga instructor and yoga practitioner


From September, 2005 until her death in October, 2009, Laura learned to thrive with cancer by integrating western medicine and a vast array of complementary and alternative medicine practices.  She envisioned the Laura Mann Center as a resource that would help make it easier for everyone to integrate modalities, leading to wellness and balance in their lives.

Despite her untimely death, the goals and initiatives of her vision are very much alive.  Please visit us often to stay current on the exciting projects and events that are unfolding at the Laura Mann Center.

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