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Practitioner Member Benefits


  • Great Exposure - You will have access to hundreds of like-minded certified practitioners across multiple modalities and to patients who may never have found you otherwise.
  • Increased Web Presence - The Network has been professionally designed with search engine optimization techniques that will draw traffic to your existing web site.
  • Collaborate with Peer Practitioners via the Practitioner Forum - Ever wished you had access to a community of peer practitioners that you could run ideas by, ask questions, and troubleshoot with?  The Network’s provider ONLY blog opens the door to confidential conversations with other professionals in the Network leading to higher quality care for patients.
  • Patients and Provider Recommendations - Using the “Recommend a Provider” feature satisfied patients and other providers can sing your praises leading to an increase in potential business.
  • Increase Referral Opportunities - As you get to know the members in the Network, your personal network of resources will expand.  You will receive excellent referrals and will be able to refer your patients to other members.  Knowing that Network members have been pre-qualified based on stringent guidelines and therefor, have a high level of professionalism, you can refer with confidence and trust.
  • Post Events/Classes to the Integrative Calendar - Save money on marketing costs by posting your events on the integrative calendar.  You will instantly reach a targeted market of potential event participants.
  • Build Custom Business Profiles - With a few simples steps create your own profile.  Let others know about your education and qualifications, describe your business, specialty areas and whether you take insurance and accept referrals.
  • Connect with providers at Fletcher Allen Healthcare and at UVM School of Medicine - The Network’s vetting process will make it a trusted resource for the area’s leading medical and educational institutions.  You will have ample opportunities for networking and collaboration with leading experts in the field of Integrative medicine.