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The Reproductive Wellness Support Program provides free therapy and massage to women (and their partners) who are experiencing emotional distress associated with reproductive health issues. this includes postpartum depression/anxiety, infant mortality, traumatic birth experiences, multiple miscarriages, fertility struggles and more..

All services provided by RWSP are at no cost to the clients. Health insurance companies often set guidelines and limitations around reimbursement and treatment. One such guideline is that all psychotherapy clients must be given a diagnosis. When an individual is experiencing stress associated with an acute physical condition, like a reproductive health issue, they are often "caught off guard" and feeling overwhelmed.  Many will avoid seeking help if it is seen as "difficult"... gaining approvals from insurance companies, worrying about deductibles/copays and stigma around being "labeled" are all contributors to avoiding therapy.  RWSP wants to avoid adding to the stress. Because of this, Heather chooses to work beyond the limitations set by insurance companies. Also because of this, FUNDRAISERS ARE NEEDED...luckily they are FUN too!! Please consider coming!!!

here's a link to see more and buy tickets grin



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