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Integrative Health Week

November 11 - 15

The Laura Mann Center has partnered with the UVM College of Medicine Program in Integrative Helath and the Integrative Health Students Special Interest Group to bring you our second Integrative Health Week.

Tuesday 6-8pm \ Escape Fire  \ Davis Auditorium 
Join us for a viewing of this compelling movie that tackles one of the most pressing issues of our time: how can we save our badly broken healthcare system? Discussion following. View the trailer here

Wednesday  12 - 1pm \ MIndfulness Tools for Cancer Patients and Supporters: A Panel Discussion \ Davis Auditorium
Hear from three participants of the Mindfulness Tools for Health and Wellness program. Panelists will tell their experience of the program and how they have incorporated mindfulness into their healing journeys. Roz Grossman MA will give an overview of the program. Light lunch provided.

Thursday 12-1pm \  Beyond Stress Reduction: Mindfulness as a Radical Technology  \ Medical Education Building Room 300
The proliferation of mindfulness based-interventions and research has led some critics to dub this movement "McMindfulness" because it is separated from their roots in Buddhist ethics. Mindfulness can be an effective means of stress reduction and it can also be a radical technology for self-transformation--moving the practitioner from a life of suffering, anguish, and dissatisfaction to one of liberation, contentment, and bliss. Presented by Arnold Kozak, Ph.D. Light lunch provided.

Friday 12-1pm \  Five Elements Theory \ Medical Education Building Room 200
The introduction of five elements theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the application of five elements theory in life. Presented by Xi Wen, visiting faculty member from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. Light lunch provided.

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