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Laura Mann Center and the University of Vermont Partnership

We are excited to share that the Laura Mann Center for Integrative Health has formally merged with UVM. In April 2015 The Laura Mann Center, the University Of Vermont College Of Nursing and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and the University Of Vermont Medical Center have agreed to create a comprehensive Institute for Health and Healing at the University of Vermont.

The Laura Mann Center will become a permanent unit within the Institute for Health and Healing. Bringing the Center’s extensive provider network and wealth of educational offerings under the Institute umbrella including our endowed Laura Mann Integrative Health Lecture series. This will further ensure that all patients in the community receive the broadest possible access to integrative health resources – and that those resources are coordinated with the patient’s traditional services.

The objectives of the proposed Institute for Health and Healing are to:

  • Create an educational knowledge base of cost-effective treatments for different conditions using integrative medicine and holistic healing methods for practitioners and the community
  • Engage experienced, forward-thinking integrative medicine practitioners and patients to deepen the reach and effectiveness of comprehensive integrative healthcare

To achieve its objectives, the Institute will engage in the following activities:

  • A clinical service arm that will emphasize optimizing patient satisfaction and quality of life scores
  • The Laura Mann Integrative Health Lecture Series, bringing in well-known leaders who are successfully implementing integrative health programs
  • A certificate program in Integrative Health for students, faculty and community members
  • A professional peer-to-peer forum for community providers
  • The Integrative Health Week to expose students to evidence-based integrative modalities
  • A research arm that will investigate the impact of integrative health approaches on the health and wellbeing of our patients measured both qualitatively and quantitatively,
  • The Laura Mann online network of providers
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