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Intuitive Tools for Everyday Use

  • Sunday, November 4, 20129:30am— 11:30am
  • with Gwyneth Flack
  • Georgia (VT), at Health Conscious, Corner Rt. 7 and Ballard Rd. (16 miles north of Burlington on 89)

Our intuition is not separate from who we are. It is an integral part of us that allows us to be our most authentic, powerful, creative self and live our truth in the world. As we transform ourselves from within, we experience the relationships and environment surrounding us from a new, more dynamic level of awareness. This inner work connects us more consistently and directly to our intuitive self, which was right there all along; we simply needed some tools to manage the ‘noise,’ distractions, limiting belief systems, burdens, fears, etc., so that we could access its full...