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Integrative Health Week: Cancer Cases

Cancer Cases
  • Tuesday, May 22, 201212:00pm— 1:00pm
  • University of Vermont, Carpenter Auditorium

Lorilee Schoenbeck, N.D., Naturopathic Physician and Kim Dittus, M.D., Ph.D., Hematologist/Oncologist will talk about shared cases.  Lunch is provided

A Model for Building a Thriving Integrative Medicine Practice

UVM Program in Integrative Health and the Laura Mann Center invite you to the Integrative Healthcare Lecture Series
  • Wednesday, May 23, 20128:00am— 10:00am
  • Carpenter Auditorium, UVM School of Medicine, Burlington, VT

Marc Brodsky, M.D. and Mary Henwood-Klotz will join us form The Center of Integrative Medicine and Wellness at Stamford Hospital. 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. ~ Lecture 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. ~ Coffee and Light Breakfast The Integrative Lecture Series is hosted by the UVM Program in Integrative Health 

with generous support from the Laura Mann Center for Integrative Health. Marc Brodsky, M.D., is Medical Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness at Stamford Hospital. He is board certified in family medicine and completed a fellowship in integrative medicine at UCLA. As a physician with extensive training...

Integrative Health Week: Gastrointestinal Disorders

  • Thursday, May 24, 201212:00pm— 1:00pm
  • Carpenter Auditorium, UVM School of Medicine, Burlington, VT

Peter L. Moses, M.D., Gastroenterologist and Michael Stadtmauer, N.D., Naturopathic Physician will discuss different approaches to GI disorders Lunch Provided  

Integrative Health Week: Integrative Provider Panel

  • Friday, May 25, 201212:00pm— 1:00pm

Moderated by Janet Kahn, Integrative Health Consultant Panel Includes: Jennifer Ayer, M.D., Internal Medicine Physician Julia Brock, M.D., Gynecologist Brian Erickson, M.D., Pain Medicine Psychiatrist Anne Knott M.D., Family Practice Physician Philip Trabulsy, M.D., Integrative Orthopedist

Actively engage therapies that integrate perspectives for the healing of Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. Explore competencies, alternative and complementary collaboration, current research, and consider their application in counseling through case studies, classroom and private reflection. Emerging perspectives and therapeutic models for supporting mental health integrate knowledge gained through research and practice. Through this practical and experiential course you can enhance your understanding of the art of healing as well as integrate the spiritual and psychological aspects of health. Designed for health care practitioners, mental health providers interested in integrative healing. Graduate standing or permission of instructor.

Fall 2013 Integrative Healthcare Lecture Series

  • Monday, October 7, 201312:00pm— 1:00pm
  • with Cara Feldman Hunt
  • Billings Library North Lounge University of Vermont

Join the Laura Mann Center, in conjunction with The University of Vermont DAN AND CAROLE BURACK PRESIDENT’S DISTINGUISHED LECTURE SERIES, in welcoming Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, RN, FAAN to Vermont.  Dr. Kreitzer is the founder and director of the Center for Spirituality and Healing at University of Minnesota.


While providing access to health care and fixing a system that is badly broken are laudable goals, there is a growing recognition that a more fundamental and sustainable strategy is to support people and communities in cultivating wellbeing. Dr. Kreitzer will discuss the determinants of wellbeing and highlight strategies that lead to human flourishing. She will also discuss why empowering people and communities to assume more personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing is becoming an economic imperative for the nation.

Reception immediately following in the Billings Library Apse

The lecture is free and open to the public.

What is Integrative Health Care?

Join the Laura Mann Center for Integrative Health to learn more about this emerging movement! Integrative health care takes account the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative. Come learn from an integrative health care practitioner how you as a patient can navigate the health care system and get the care you need.

Presented by Jennifer Ayer, MD, Fletcher Allen Health Care and Bree Greenberg Benjamin, Founder and Director of Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy

Integrative Health Week: Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare: Film Screening

  • Tuesday, November 12, 20136:00pm— 8:00pm
  • Davis Auditorium, FAHC

As part of Integrative Health Week we will be showing the award-winning Sundance documentary ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare.  The film tackles one of the most pressing issues of our time: how can we save our badly broken healthcare system? WATCH THE TRAILER! Discussion following the movie. You can earn Continuing Education credits for watching the movie, click here to learn more. Click here for directions to Davis Auditorium

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Join us for a screening of Escape Fire

Join the Laura Mann Center for Integrative Health for a cocktail reception followed by a screening of Escape Fire: The Fight to
  • Wednesday, May 7, 20145:30pm— 9:00pm
  • Main Street Landing, 60 Lake Street, Burlington VT 05401

ESCAPE FIRE examines the powerful forces that maintain the health care status quo, a medical industry designed for quick fixes rather than prevention, for profit-driven care rather than patient-driven care. The film tells dramatic patient and provider stories and follows leaders in the movement to transform health care at the highest levels of medicine, industry, government, and even the US military. ESCAPE FIRE is about finding a way out and saving the health of a nation. The film has received numerous awards and was featured at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Reserve your free tickets at and be entered to win some exciting door prizes. Must be present to win.

A Success Story: Incorporating Integrative Medicine into Hospital and Outpatient Care

Learn how a large health care system has created a national model for effectively incorporating integrative medicine
  • Monday, November 10, 20145:00pm— 7:00pm
  • Davis Auditorium, Medical Education Center, FAHC ACC Level 2

The Integrative Lecture Series is hosted by the UVM Program in Integrative Health with generous support from the Laura Mann Center for Integrative Health and University of Vermont College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Spiritually Oriented Counseling:  Foundations and Perspectives

  • Monday, June 15, 201512:00am— 12:00pm
  • with Carol Fournier
  • University of Vermont

Engaging and supporting clients spiritual well-being in counseling is an essential aspect of offering comprehensive mental health care. Spirituality influences every aspect of mental health and life. The American Counseling Association has endorsed fourteen spiritual and religious competencies for counselors. Through this experiential insightful course, you cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to gain a foundational understanding of spiritual and religious cultures; the effect of belief systems on psycho-social functioning; enhance your self-awareness about your own views, beliefs while considering their influence on your role as a counselor; you gain a foundational understanding that enhances your ability to offer a...